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    2. 一站式翻譯服務供應商!
      全國免費咨詢熱線: 4001581929


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      Arladdin is a professional translation company specialising in services concerning Law, Immigrate& study , Bio-medicine, Oversea projects documents translation and web localisation. Arladdin possesses a complete system of quality management and a strong capacity of translating and gathering resources for web localisation. We stick to the concept of creating values for clients by providing a professional and one-stop service.


      We established a benchmark in the translation business in areas of legal justice,patent rights,insurance, stocks investment,banking,finance information, overseas bidding,instruction,etc. We are also experienced in constructing and managing multilingual websites and optimising search engines.We have become an indispensable partner for the internationalisation of  enterprises with considerable sizes, both within and beyond China.


      In a global scope, Arladdin screen a team of translators who are native or bilingual in concerning languages.We have abundant experience in the original languages such as English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Italian as well as the target languages of Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Burmese.We have become the selected translation service provider for international enterprises entering the Asian market.


      The firm is comprised with passionate employees who are proud of providing a high quality service.Profound professional backgrounds, an integrated training system and a fine atmosphere of team work together realised the practical and aspiring nature of Arladdin’s service, which has won applause from domestic and oversea clients.